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Live-stream webcasts are the closest thing possible to being there in person. We use the latest live-streaming technology to bring family and friends together online to say their final farewells via a professionally produced memorial video.


Funeral webcasts enable those who can’t be there in person to still be part of an important moment. We hear time and time again how mourners who are interstate, overseas, unable to travel or prevented from joining the immediate family for the ceremony appreciate being able to watch remotely.


We film carefully, compassionately and unobtrusively, capturing all the tender and moving moments of the ceremony. We provide a sophisticated multi-camera funeral webcast which includes all the details and elements, such as tribute slideshows, video eulogies and music, filmed by a skilled videographer. We can also open a real-time online memorial book so viewers can leave memories and messages for the family.


Our webcasts can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. Any number of people can watch, wherever they are. After broadcast, the video stays online as a recording to watch up to a month later. Experience shows while many people view the ceremony as it happens, many more also watch later, at a time that’s convenient and comfortable to them.


After broadcast, the video takes on an additional role as a beautiful high-quality memorial video to download and keep. Often people find comfort from being able to revisit the ceremony.



What is a live webcast?


A live webcast is an online video broadcast at a set time which you watch through your web browser, just like streaming a TV program or a movie.


Who can watch?


Any number of people can watch, wherever they are. We’ll give you a special link to distribute to your online guests.


How can I watch?


Our webcasts can be viewed on any device such as smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptops etc. They are optimised for viewing on portable devices, like your phone. You can also watch the webcast on your TV if you have Chromecast, Apple TV or similar hooked up. You do not need to download an app or any software. Simply open up the webpage address we give you and the webcast will appear.


Where can you webcast from?


We can webcast from almost any location, inside or outside, using professional audio and video kit. A livestream is dependent on a good internet connection.


What does the webcast look like?


Our high-quality webcasts are fully-produced productions filmed by a professional videographer. We can pick out the moments you need to see, capturing different shots from different angles, close-up and wide as appropriate. You’ll also hear clear audio so you won’t miss a word.


Can we watch it later?


Yes. The webcast is broadcast live, but when the livestream ends, the video will be available as a recording to watch at your convenience. By default, webcasts are online for one month, after which they automatically go offline.


What’s the difference compared to the on-site webcast option included in our chapel booking?


Standard webcasts are usually automated and filmed by a camera mounted high on a wall. This means they can only capture predefined shots from a distance so if anything happens outside of the camera shot, you won’t see it. Detail can be difficult to make out, and they can suffer from issues such as bad lighting and bad sound. We can include all elements including tribute slideshows, video messages and special graphics. A HD video download of the ceremony is available afterwards as a beautiful memorial video to keep. 


Can we interact with the webcast?


Yes. We can open a real-time online memorial book on the webcast webpage so you may leave your memories, messages and comments for the family to read later. The webcast itself is a one-way video link.


What’s the picture quality like?


Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution and quality we can achieve on site. Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside our control. A good livestream needs a good internet connection. Should it prove impossible to broadcast live, or should the live feed fail, we will record the ceremony and post it online as soon as possible. The webcast will be upgraded to 1080p high definition ready for download and full-quality viewing after the broadcast ends.

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