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Planning a funeral

We understand the feelings of confusion, sadness and sense of loss at the time of arranging a funeral for your loved one. Although a funeral or memorial is an opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one, it’s often an overwhelming, emotional and stressful experience.

That’s why our funeral arrangers and celebrants take time to listen to you, however long you need. That way we can understand what is important for you, your family and your loved one. We then take care to explain the choice of service options available and gently guide you through the entire process.


As an independent funeral company, we are committed to giving your loved one a beautiful service at reasonable prices so that you can grieve without the financial stress of expensive commercial services.


We do this by providing transparent itemised pricing, reducing overhead expenses and charging at cost price, without mark-ups.


Our funeral arrangers are available for calls 24/7, and we can bring your loved one into our care, wherever you are.

Our funeral services

We offer three main types of funeral services:

1. Burials

Burials are a traditional funeral service that is undertaken in a Cemetery. If you are considering a burial, you will need to include the cost of purchasing a plot, headstone or a vault.

2. Cremations

Cremations take place at most Cemeteries and allow you to take the ashes home or have them interned at the Cemetery.

3. Memorials

A memorial is a service that occurs after your loved one has been cremated or buried without anyone attending. The memorial can take place at a venue of your choice.

Below are our funeral packages that can be customised to suit your loved one:

Direct cremation – a modest unattended cremation includes:

• Transfer into our care*

• Mortuary care and preparation

• Death certificate registration from BDM

• Basic cremation coffin

• Doctor’s cremation and medical certificate

• Cremation fee

• Funeral arranger fee

Note: * this price varies based on location.

Cremation with a double service – a service at a Church, Crematorium Chapel or venue of your choice followed by an unattended cremation, includes:

• Transfer into our care*

• Mortuary care and preparation

• Death certificate registration from the BDM

• Standard coffin – Richmond Range

• Doctor’s cremation and medical certificate

• Cremation fee

• Funeral celebrant

• Funeral arranger

• Venue hire for the service*

• Funeral staff

• Transfer in a hearse

• Flowers

Note: *this price varies based on location.

Burial with a double service – a service at a church, cemetery chapel or venue of your choice, followed by an unattended burial, includes:

• Transfer into our care*

• Mortuary care and preparation

• Death certificate registration with the BDM

• Standard coffin – Richmond Range

• Funeral celebrant

• Funeral arranger

• Venue hire for the service*

• Funeral staff

• Transfer in hearse

• Flowers

Note: *this price varies based on location. The price doesn’t include the cost of the burial plot or interment.

Our funeral services options

We take care to understand the type of service you want to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one and offer the flexibility to customise our services to suit. Our funeral arranger and celebrant will discuss and arrange any options with you.

Below is a sample of some services and options we provide:

At-home funeral

A service in your home or property.  Think about the backyard, the barn shed, or somewhere special on your property.

Private venue funeral service

There is an unlimited choice for funeral services locations. A funeral service can be held at the beachside, surf club, golf club, sporting club, park, hall, historic venue or even a Zoo. Funerals don’t have to be held in chapels, churches or other traditional settings if that’s not where you would like to honour your loved on.

Sustainable funeral

A natural decomposable or no-coffin burial at a picturesque ‘green’ cemetery.

Overseas or Interstate repatriation

We can provide overseas or interstate repatriation and bring your loved one home, whether it be overseas or interstate.

No-service No-attendance funeral

We can provide a direct cremation and return the remains to you. No attendance by the family is required for this service. This is often done if a memorial service is held later, interstate or overseas.

Chapel service

Our experienced funeral arrangers and celebrants will conduct a beautiful chapel service in one of the crematorium chapels of your choice. Alternatively, a minister or priest can conduct a religious service in the chapel.

Graveside service

For burials, you have the option for the entire service to occur at the graveside. Alternatively, there can be a chapel service followed by a graveside service.

Church service

This service includes transferring your loved one to your Church in a dedicated hearse. The priest or minister will conduct a religious service in the Church, which can be followed by a cremation or graveside service.


Hearse hire

We offer hearse transfers for your loved one in our modern vehicle - VW Kombi or our traditional black hearse. Speak to our funeral arranger to find out more.


The chapel, Church or private venue service can include an audio-visual presentation of your loved one’s life to commemorate them.


We offer several types of coffins and caskets. The difference between a coffin and casket is the shape. A casket is a rectangular shape, and a coffin is a tapered six-sided shape. A basic cremation coffin or a standard coffin is included in our funeral service packages.

We offer a range of coffins for you to choose for an extra cost. However, we source our coffins at wholesale prices and only charge cost price, without mark-ups. A range of our coffins are below:

• Eco-friendly coffins

• Recycled coffins

• Environmentally friendly coffins

• Solid timber coffins

• MDF coffins

• Wicker coffins

• Black coffins


Viewings of your loved one are possible and can be organised through our funeral arranger.

Press Notices

We can provide newspaper notices to announce the funeral or memorial service details for an additional cost. Our funeral arranger can organise this on your behalf.


We can organise your flower arrangements based on colour, size, flower type or budget. Our florist provides a wide variety of arrangements from roses, natives or seasonal whites, starting from $200 to $1,500. However, if you wish to use your florist, our funeral arranger can speak to them to organise the delivery details.

Live streaming

We can provide live-streaming webcasts for family and friends who are unable to travel or prevented from attending the ceremony and bring them together online so they can say their final farewells.

We film carefully, compassionately and unobtrusively. We use a multi-camera funeral webcast to capture the tender and moving moments of the ceremony. We ensure that we capture tribute slideshows, video eulogies and music, as well as the service. We can also open a real-time online memorial book so viewers can leave memories and messages for the family.

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. Any number of people can watch wherever they are. After the broadcast, the webcast becomes a beautiful high-quality memorial video to download and keep.

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