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7 Steps to Organising a
D-I-Y Funeral

with the Gold Coast Funerals

Australia's First Funeral Company to offer the complete  Do-It-Yourself solution for all funeral types!

To compliment our open and transparent pricing model, we want to offer all our families a

Do-It-Yourself option where you are in control of the funeral planning. 


This service includes all elements of organising a funeral service, to applying for death certificates, Medicare and Centrelink notification and a lot more.


It doesn't matter if it is a Direct Cremation, a Full Service or a Memorial, our online tools allows you to do it yourself in your own time.  It also means you don't have to feel pressured to select the best coffin, and or spend ridiculous amounts of money on it because you feel that is what everyone wants, and or that's what the funeral director or employees is incentivised on.


Below are 7 basic steps to understand how it all works, but just know we have everything covered for you, and nothing will happen accidentally, we are by your side every step of the way and we are here to support you a little or a lot.

If you wish to see us face to face, we are of course more than happy to come and meet with you and the family to go through everything, step by step.


Step 1

Go to our website

Go to Gold Coast Funeral Directors website contact page


Step 2

Complete the Contact Us form

Simply complete the information requested on the contact us page with as much detail as possible. 

We may need to give you a call depending on the location of your loved one, or if there is more information required.


Step 3

You will receive a link

You will receive a link to complete some information gathering of your love one, plus some information that the Births Deaths and Marriages requires.  Complete as much as you can before you submit.


Step 4

Select your choices

You will then be able to select the coffin, flowers, AV, Booklets, Cars and all the elements of a funeral, without being sold to or upsold anything.*

*please note size of coffin may vary

due to the size of your loved one


Step 5

You will receive a phone call

Once you have chosen everything, you will receive a call from our team just to confirm everything is in order and to ensure you haven't missed anything.  We will explain the next steps and what will happen from here.  You can call us 24hours a day to ask as many questions, and also if you wish to meet up, we are more than happy to.

Step 6


Once everything is confirmed, you will be sent some forms to sign on the screen, phone or tablet.  One form may need to be witnessed by an authority witness, but we will explain how this works.

(please note one form will need to be witnessed)


Step 7

The Funeral

The funeral that you have planned for your loved one will be actioned by our experienced team of funeral directors, celebrant and staff.  Everything you have chosen will be executed as per your plan, making your loved ones funeral beautiful, authentic and the perfect send off they deserve!

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