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Gold Coast Funeral Director

100% Independently Owned & Operated

Gold Coast Funerals Co.

Honouring individuals with compassion, caring and affordable funerals on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Funerals Co. is proud to serve the greater Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Coolangatta regions. We understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time, and we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of funeral services. Whether you are looking for a traditional or non-traditional service, we are here to help. We are independently owned and operated and use all the cemeteries and crematoriums in Queensland and New South Wales. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and to create a meaningful and memorable experience for you and your family.

Gold Coast Tap a Little Contribution

Specialising in:
Cremation, Burial and Memorials
Direct Cremation/Burials
Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
Do-It-Yourself Funerals

Lloyd Guy - Gold Coast Funerals Co.
Scott Duncombe - Gold Coast Funerals Co.
Angus Bettini - Gold Coast Funerals Co.




Gold Coast Funerals Co. was established with a service-driven philosophy. We give our clients love, care, compassion and understanding when they are at their most vulnerable.

We do this by providing families with beautiful and affordable funerals that commemorate their loved ones exactly as they want.

Gold Coast Funerals Co. is owned by Scott Duncombe, and was created to give families choices. Choices on funeral venues, celebrants and how much to pay for a funeral. We don’t want the family to have regrets about the funeral or be burdened with debt afterwards.

Our strength is our transparent, attention to detail and caring approach that allows us to understand what families want and provide a beautiful celebration of a unique life that brings peace to the loved ones.

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Gold Coast Funerals Co.

Planning a funeral

We understand the feelings of confusion, sadness and sense of loss at the time of arranging a funeral for your loved one. Although a funeral, or memorial, is an opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one, it is often an overwhelming, emotional and stressful experience.

As an independent funeral company, we are committed to giving your loved one a beautiful service at reasonable prices so that you can grieve without the financial stress of expensive commercial services.

At Gold Coast Funerals Co., you have the choice of several types of funeral services —cremation, burial or memorial; private venue, chapel or church service; unattended or private.

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What our families say…

From the moment I made contact with Scott, at THE most searingly painful time in my life to seeing me off after the memorial for my darling husband of thirty-one years, I could not have asked for a more compassionate and dedicated 'friend' for that is how Scott supported me through the most difficult weeks of my life.  Not a single suggestion was ever dismissed as being difficult.  And not once did I feel pressurised into doing things that were outside the scope of the memorial my husband had planned.  Add to this professionalism, a rare and unique sense of compassion beyond achingly pedestrian platitudes.  Thank you Scott for supporting me to honour my husband with the same dignity and grace with which he lived his life.


"Attention to detail is impeccable, ran smoothly, the whole team were very caring, respectful and supportive to the family. Our Priest was super impressed at how well organised everything was. Anyone thinking of organising a funeral for any loved one, no matter what denomination, even when approaching the inevitable end, get them involved."

George Kolletti.


The staff here are incredible ! They were fast, clear and upfront about all costs and processes.
They went above and beyond to help make this important process run smoothly. Coaching me through every step clearly, with compassionate understanding. They happily accommodated our personalised requests, to which we will never forget. Thank you.  



Scott was recently assigned funeral director for my beautiful brother’s funeral, but he became so much more than that to each and every person who came together during this time. Words cannot do this man justice — he not only managed this process so professionally, but he became our friend, a friend who helped and supported us.

Thank you, Kay


Hi Scott, I know life will be hectic at the moment given all the things that are going on in our world and negotiating around those constraints. I wanted to thank you again for everything – our friends and family have been constantly telling us what a wonderful occasion it was and how well you and your team conducted the day.

Regards, Deb.


I found Scott helped our family wonderfully throughout this difficult time. Having meeting before was great as he chose to get to know my dad so he could portray him very well. Dads send-off was exactly what he would have wanted thanks to you. It was beautiful. He would have been sitting up somewhere proud as punch, so thank you again from all of the family.

Thank you, Melody.


“My father-in-law passed away on Anzac Day and from the time I contacted Scott, to the time we said our final goodbyes at the funeral, he was able to gently take control and guide us through the process with care and compassion. It’s at times like this that families need gentleness and understanding, and Scott and his team certainly gave us that. Thank you very much, Scott, for helping us through this difficult time, made even more challenging with the Corona restrictions.


We can arrange beautiful funerals and memorials in:

All of Gold Coast

Byron Bay



Northern NSW

The Gold Cost Funeral Director Co.

Our Commitment

Our funeral arrangers are available 24-hours, seven days a week

We provide burial, cremation and memorial services at any venue

We listen to what you want and customise the funeral service

We offer price transparency on all elements

We guarantee the quality of our services

We give you choices on the funeral venues, celebrants and how much to pay for a funeral

We have a fixed funeral arranger service fee

We don't bundle anything together or up-sell.


We give you an itemised quote so you can choose what you want included or excluded.

We are independently owned and operated; we don't answer to shareholders or a board of directors

We are 100% Australian owned

The Gold Cost Funeral Director Co.
The Gold Cost Funeral Director Co.

Our way of thinking

We care about your loved one.

As a service-based company, we genuinely care about giving your loved one a beautiful funeral that commemorates their life. Each of our staff shares our values and treat everyone with love, respect, care and compassion.

We believe in what we do.

We believe everyone, no matter what their financial, social or family circumstances are, has the right to a beautiful and affordable funeral service – rather than putting their family into financial hardship. That’s why we don’t charge mark-ups; we are transparent about our costs, and we explain what’s needed for a funeral service.


To find out how Gold Coast Funerals Co. can help you plan a beautiful affordable funeral call us on 07 5681 1922 or email us at

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